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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So what's happening with me?

Well, it's summertime here and I’m spending as many hours outside as I possibly can. Which means when I am sitting down that I’m too tired to have coherent thoughts, never mind coherent things to write. And I haven’t picked up my new Apple iPhone yet so there’s no real blogging from the job either.


The boy has come and visited and returned to Colorado to seek further fame & fortune. He interviewed for a job in Craig, Colorado yesterday in a small dealership but hasn’t accepted the offer just yet as Craig is apparently a pretty small outpost town that is presently bursting at the seams with oil & gas roughnecks occupying every available living space. But he seemed to have a pretty good visit to Utah and was able to see most of his friends, just like he intended.


Raptors baseball has entered its final weeks of the season and the BSU & I made it to two games in the past week. The Raptors are currently leading their division for the 2nd half of the season, even winning 8 games in a row. Sadly that winning streak ended Monday night and last night’s game turned into a blowout for the Helena Brewers. They beat the Raptors 9-4 last night. I’m afraid that our team might have burned up all their energy winning those 8 in a row and left them a bit empty afterwards. We’ll see as the season winds down.


I’ve found a fishing spot at Willard Bay Reservoir that I like, just next to the south boat launch. It's easy to get to, has incoming water and a moderately deep channel and a decent place to sit. I’ve been there twice and am batting .500 for catching fish [boy, that’s a mixed metaphor] so I’ll keep going out there as time allows. I tried to take the BSU there last night but she elected to see the Raptors play over trying to coax fish onto a hook. Tonight I’m headed out to the same reservoir but this time with a buddy in his boat so we can try a bit of trolling for Wipers.


The re-roof job on my workshop is progressing nicely. I have an estimate for the new trusses for my raised roof and I hope to be ordering them in the next day or two. I’ve removed all the old felt that I put on top of the shingles a couple years back and about ¼ of the shingles. I’ll finish that task while waiting on the trusses to arrive and try to save as much of the plywood as I can for reuse on the new roof. I’m pretty certain that I’ll be installing a couple new skylights to let in some sun as part of the improvements and insulation to the inside of the roof to help keep the temperatures temperate. I’ll be adding rain gutters to the back side of the roof to move the water away and keep it from intruding over the floor when the rains come. I’m pretty excited about the entire project and am looking forward to a roomier, warmer-in-the-winter shop. Did I mention that I intend to install a permanent propane fired heater in my new headroom? That’s the plan!


So I’m plenty busy. It's all good though and my yard is even looking better than it has most of the year. I guess if I spend enough time moving the sprinklers around and operating them that the grass will stay green. Imagine that!

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